City of Austin, Texas

Have you or anyone you know been to Austin? Are you considering visiting the city? The owner of is originally from Austin and told me that Austin is a welcoming city that everyone has to one day visit. If Austin is not that familiar to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Austin, Texas is a large city in the state of Texas. It is the capital of the state of Texas. However, any elementary school geography class could tell you that. In the state capital of Texas, Austin, apartment living can be a lot of fun. It is home to many musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and progressive thinkers. Austin welcomes people of diverse cultures, political leanings and lifestyles with some good museums and cultural centers catering to Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians and many more.
Texas itself is enormous indeed (when measured purely by land mass), which is perhaps, where the phrase “Don’t Mess with Texas” comes from. In fact, the state of Texas is the second largest state in the U.S by both land mass and population size.
The city of Austin, Texas itself sits right in the middle of Travis County. Austin, Texas is ranked the 35th largest city in the United States of America by population numbers. The climate of the city of Austin is humid and subtropical characterized by hot summers and mild winters. The hottest recorded temperature was 112 degrees in the year 2000, during September. It goes without saying — this was a hot month! Finish Reading: City of Austin, Texas

We Are Austin, TX


Found this great video about Austin Tx by the Austin Chmaber of Commerce’s Youtube channel and I thought I’d share it to you guys. I absolutely love videos to promote Austin TX, helps more people to

visit Austin so they can experience the great atmosphere here. Check it out!



Experience Peace And Relaxation In Austin TX

When visiting Austin TX Hotels, find out exactly what they have to offer. Many of these beautiful hotels have accommodations from health clubs to spas. The services that some of these spectacular hotels offer can make a person feel like royalty and they are ready to spoil their customers as soon as they walk in. The traveler who finds himself in Austin will not only enjoy their hotel accommodations, but the city itself has so much more to offer their visitors.


Many of Austin hotels offer beautiful rooms, with comfortable beds and linens so soft that it will make it difficult to get out of bed. The accommodations are many, and really depends on the taste of the individual to what the choices are. There are spas for those who love getting a massage and workout rooms for those fitness buffs. Restaurants are plenty in these hotels and offer a menu so delicious, it will be difficult to choose only one dinner.

There are so many places to visit when you are in Austin. The sight seeing opportunities are endless and can range from enjoying the art world, to visiting wild life. The Austin Zoo is a wonderful place to take the family, and the kids will love all the animals and exhibits that the zoo is so proud to show off.

Nature lovers will find plenty to do in Austin. Try visiting the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and make sure you bring the camera. This is something that you will want pictures of. There are many recreational activities offered also, and all that is required is a little research. Finish Reading: Experience Peace And Relaxation In Austin TX

Unity Church of Austin

Unity Church of Austin is not just a place or building, but it is more than that. It is an assembly of people from diverse origins who are united for a common purpose to discover God and themselves in relationship to their God. Being a community, you can meet each other honestly and support each other to grow spiritually. The worshippers assist each other when through the difficulties and sorrows as well as joy and peace. Their love is enough to establish reconciliation and peace out of disagreements and conflicts. If you wish to be part of a community that is appealing, you can join the church.

The church is a spiritual community. It is a diverse church that welcomes everyone. Your race, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs and age do not count, the church values who you are and honors what makes you unique. You do not need to have a stylish dress or suit to feel comfortable since the dress code is casual. Even if you have attended various Unity churches, when you walk in Unity Church of Austin will make you feel at home. It is just like any other church; you will get what you will give. If you give love, you will get love in return.

The church has a kid’s gym. You can come with the kids and drop them in the age-appropriate, fun and safe gym. It has an easy and simple to use security entrance system. Those charged with handling the kids has undergone a background check. The children are also welcome to the main gathering.

The church is unique in that; it offers practical spiritual teachings that help to empower the worshippers to live an abundant and healthy life. It gives alternatives to negative religious experiences. They are open-minded and inclusive and encourage growth and personal initiatives. They believe in prayer and strive to help the followers to establish a stronger connection with God.